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Bablu (Shah Rukh Khan), an aspiring chef, works in a hotel where SoniaKapoor,(Juhi) works with him as banquet manager at the restaurant. Hislook-alike Manu (Shah Rukh Khan), a gangster, robs a bank along withhis friend (Gulshan Grover) but gets caught. He comes out of prison anddiscovers that his cohort has double-crossed him. He murders hispartner and escapes from the scene of the crime...without the money.Bablu stumbles on the money and keeps it. Manu's lover Lily (SonaliBendre) mistakes Bablu to be Manu and spirits him away. Manu takesshelter in Bablu's house and realizes that he can use their resemblanceto his advantage.Then starts the fun-ride with Babloo constantly beingmistaken for Manu. With both Sonia and Lily after him, Manu furious andthe Law taking him to be Manu, Babloo faces a tough time. And then,Manu kidnaps Bibi (Farida Jalal) Babloo's mother and holds her hostage.


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